Establishing a sustainable and responsible battery value chain

About GBA

A partnership of 150+ businesses, governments, academics, industry actors, international and non-governmental organizations, the GBA mobilizes to ensure that battery production not only supports green energy, but also safeguards human rights and promotes health and environmental sustainability.

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Action Partnerships

Global Battery Alliance members collaborate on key initiatives related to ensuring a sustainable and responsible battery value chain, through the formation of Action Partnerships. GBA members opt-in to each Partnership - based on interest or nexus with their operations along the value chain - and provide in-kind expertise to steer and implement the agreed outcomes. New initiatives underway will be announced in 2022.

Battery Passport

The GBA’s Battery Passport is GBA’s flagship program to achieve full value chain transparency. The Battery Passport will provide trusted information on indicators related to responsible and sustainable practices, resulting in a ‘quality seal’ capturing authenticated records of the responsible sourcing, management, recycling and use of a battery across its full lifecycle.

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Critical Minerals

The GBA is working with its members across the value chain on ensuring that critical materials are produced, sourced, processed, transported, manufactured and recycled in a responsible and sustainable manner which minimizes environmental harm, respects human rights and creates benefits for stakeholders along the supply chain.

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Energy Access & Circularity

GBA efforts focus on the deployment of batteries to expand energy access in emerging economies through off-grid solutions; government advocacy to reduce the far-reaching detrimental effects of lead poisoning in children resulting from informal recycling; and building towards a circular battery value chain to reduce reliance on raw material extraction.

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