GBA Secretariat

The GBA Secretariat is made up of staff of the current host organization, the Responsible Business Alliance, and in-kind FTE contributions from member organizations.


GBA Board of Directors

The GBA Board provides oversight to the Secretariat and all GBA activities, to ensure achievement of the strategy. It is a multi-stakeholder governing body, made up of up to 20 members with equal representation between the public/civil society and private sectors. The Officers of the Board make up the Executive Committee, a smaller body authorized to provide guidance to the Secretariat in between Board meetings. Board of Director seats are nominated by members, and elected through an all-member vote.  Board members serve a term of two years, with the option of re-election for one further term.

Executive Committee

  • Gillian Davidson, Chair of the Board, Eurasian Resources Group
  • Stephen D'Esposito, Vice Chair of the Board, Resolve
  • Kurt Vandeputte, Treasurer, Umicore
  • Guy Ethier, Past Chair of the Board

Board of Directors 

  • Gillian Davidson, Eurasian Resources Group
  • Anna Krutikov, Glencore
  • Ferdinand Maubrey, Tesla
  • Thorsten Pinkepank, BASF
  • Jihye Choi, LG Energy Solution 
  • Kurt Vandeputte, Umicore
  • Elna Holmberg, Volvo
  • James Nicholson, Trafigura
  • Christian Rosenkranz, Clarios
  • Steve Christensen, Responsible Battery Coalition
  • Marlène Wäfler, Pact
  • Stephen D'Esposito, Resolve / Regeneration
  • World Bank 
  • Rich Fuller, Pure Earth
  • Kristin Hughes, World Economic Forum
  • Georg Leutert, IndustriAll
  • Julia Poliscanova,Transport & Environment
  • Simon Thibault, Investissement Québec
  • Katja Suhr, GIZ


Action Partnership Steering Committees

Action Partnerships are given a mandate by the Board to achieve specific outcomes related to the GBA strategy. These are guided by a Steering Committee, and the work is coordinated by a Project Management Office (PMOs). Steering Committee seats are allocated to ensure equal representation between public/civil society and private sector member organizations and are initially appointed by the Board (for new Action Partnerships), and subsequently voted on by members. Non-GBA members may be granted Observer seats to Action Partnership Steering Committees.  Additionally, Work Groups can be established to achieve specific deliverables – current examples include the GHG, Track and Trace, and Child Labor and Human Rights Work Groups within the Battery Passport. The establishment of new Action Partnerships is dependent on member interest and resourcing.


GBA Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council provides overall guidance and stewardship, and has equal representation between public/civil society and private sector seats.  

  • Caroline Anstey, President & CEO Pact
  • Martin Brudermüller, CEO BASF (Co-Chair)
  • Atle Høie, Assistant General Secretary, IndustriALL
  • Gim Huay Neo, Managing Director, Centre for Nature and Climate, World Economic Forum
  • Mathias Miedreich, CEO Umicore
  • Benedikt Sobotka, CEO Eurasian Resources Group (Co-Chair)
  • Robin Zeng, Founder and Chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL)
  • Inger Andersen, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
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