Battery Passport ID Battery Serial Number
7p165e4c-40gl-479n D0C9LC6220P3S095
Battery Model

Car Chasis

Image doesn't represent the actual battery and is for illustrative purposes only

4P 100kWh
Battery Status Manufacturing Date
Original not disclosed
EV Manufacturer Country of EV Assembly
Audi Germany
Battery Producer Country of Battery Production
Audi Germany
Battery Cell Producer Country of Cell Production
CATL China
Battery Cell Type Chemistry
prismatic NCM811
Number of Cells Per Battery Weight
180 580 kg
Total Energy Energy Density
100 kWh 0.1724 kWh/kg 
Rated Capacity Expected Lifetime
151 Ah not disclosed
Voltage (Min-Nominal-Max) Temperature Range (min-max)
450-662-742 V DC -30°C to +60°C

GBA member


Recycled Raw Materials Materials Traceability (in Pilot)
Cobalt 13.6%
GBA Member Coverage  
First Traced Material Physical Amount per Battery
Cobalt ~11 kg
First Raw Material Provenance
  70.0%    not disclosed, DRC  
30.0%    CATL: Brunp, China  
  0.0%    not traced
Second Traced Material Physical Amount
Lithium ~68 kg
Second Raw Material Provenance
  100.0%    not disclosed, Australia
  0.0%    not traced

GBA member


Metric Child Labor Human Rights
Average score 58 / 63  safeguarded
Questions answered * 14 / 14 15 / 15
Number of companies 10 10
References and Benchmarks color graph color graph
not enough data collected for benchmarking
Quality Seal
not enough data collected to establish a quality seal
Indicator BCF (HMA) BCF (PMA)
Greenhouse Gas safeguarded safeguarded
Number of companies Primary Data Secondary Data
9 safeguarded safeguarded
References and Benchmarks color graph
not enough data collected for benchmarking
Quality Seal
not enough data collected to establish a quality seal
Comments & Disclaimers

* Scores calculated based on a subset of questions. Does not reflect all company efforts outside of piloting exercise
1) Absolute values are incomplete and not yet representative
2) Selected results have been safeguarded by GBA to prevent premature product comparisons based on partial reporting
3) No conformity assurance is provided
4) Confidentiality may limit data exchange and results accuracy


Value Chain Identity Material Flow ESG Data
Mining known traced estimated
Refining known traced estimated
Precursor known traced estimated
CAM known traced estimated
Cathode known traced estimated
Anode known partial estimated
Cell known traced reported
Module known traced reported
Battery known traced reported
Data Verification   Material Flow Aggregation
(1/3) basic   individual battery
Traceability   Start of Period End of Period
(2/3) med   11/1/2021 12/1/2022
Interoperability   Data Collection Assured by
(0/3) low    
Comments & Disclaimers

1) Definition of terms are provided in complementary documentation
2) All material flow data collected and aggregated by third-party T&T provides, data quality is assured by embeded quality control mechanism only, no IT systems audit has been conducted yet
3) The GBA is not responsible for the quality and accuracy of the information provided