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About the Battery Passport and the proof-of-concept pilots

On January 18th, at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Global Battery Alliance has officially launched the world’s first battery passport proof-of-concept pilots. First conceptualized by the Global Battery Alliance in 2019, the launch builds on three years of pre-competitive multi-stakeholder collaboration across the battery value chain. This included the development of dedicated rulebooks to establish key sustainability performance indicators related to the battery carbon footprint and child labour and human rights due diligence as set out in the Greenhouse Gas rulebook and the Child Labour and Human Rights indices.  While the launch of the proof-of-concept battery passport pilots represents a critical milestone and very proud achievement, the long-term objectives of the battery passport are explained in this video.


About the Human Rights Index and Child Labor Index

About the Greenhouse Rulebook 

About the GBA Battery Passport Proof of Concept




GBA Battery Passport pilots

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The members of the Global Battery Alliance are committed to the rapid scaling of sustainable, responsible and circular battery value chains by 2030 to meet Paris Agreement targets through the electrification of transport and power sectors. To make this vision a reality, our members have invested countless in-kind hours of dedicated expert time into the various working groups charged with developing the battery passport.


Our working groups and their members

Groupe Renault, GS1, Hitachi High-Tech Europe, iPoint Systems, McKinsey, Odette Sweden, SAP, VDI/VDE-IT

Audi, BASF SE, Battery Associates, BMW, ClimateWorks Foundation, Cobalt Institute, Drexel University, Eurobat, Everledger, Finnish Minerals Group, Freyr, Glencore, Groupe Renault, Investissement Québec, iPoint Systems, LG Chem, LG Energy Solution, Natural Resources Canada, Nickel Institute, Nornickel, Odette Sweden, Optel, RCS Global, Resolve, Responsible Battery Coalition, Saft, SQM, Tesla, Transport & Environment, Umicore, Vale, Volkswagen AG, Vulcan Energy, WBCSD, World Bank Group

Audi, BASF SE, Battery Associates, CATL, Cobalt Institute, Eurasian Resources Group, Eurobat, Everledger, Freyr, Fundacion Chile, GIZ, Glencore, Global Battery Solutions, Global Sea Mineral Resources NV (GSR), Good Shepherd Foundation, Groupe Renault, Henkel, Impact, International Justice Mission, London Metal Exchange, Microsoft, Natural Resources Canada, Nouveau Monde Graphite, Oerlikon, Optel, Pact, Propulsion Quebec, PSQR, RCS Global, Responsible Business Alliance, Responsible Mica Initiative, Rock Tech Lithium, SAP, SK Innovation, TES, Tesla, The Faraday Institution, UC Davis, Ulula, Umicore, UNICEF, Urbix, Volkswagen AG, Volvo Group

Audi, Analog Devices Inc., BASF SE, Battery Associates, Circulor, ClimateWorks Foundation, Cobalt Institute, Denso, Drexel University, ENEL,  Eurasian Resources Group, Everledger, Finnish Minerals Group, Glencore, Government of British Columbia, GS1, Hitachi High-Tech Europe, Kezzler, Microsoft, Ministry EAE Germany (VDI\VDE), MOBI, National Physical Laboratory, Natural Resources Canada, Nouveau Monde Graphite, OECD, Optel, RCS Global, Saft, SAP, Spherity, Tesla, Umicore, Vale, Volkswagen AG, Volvo Group 

Audi, BASF SE, CATL, Circulor, Eurasian Resources Group, Everledger, Glencore, Groupe Renault, LG Energy Solution, Optel, RCS Global, Re|Source, Tesla, Umicore, Volkswagen AG, Samsung SDI

Recognized affiliated initiatives

In realizing our vision for sustainable, responsible and circular battery value chains, enabled through the battery passport, the Global Battery Alliance recognizes and collaborates with a number of initiatives towards our shared objectives.

To find out how to become an affiliated initiative, contact


Battery Pass

Battery Pass develops the first guidance for companies to implement the compulsory EU Battery Passport and offer interpretations of the EU legislation. By working closely and synergistically with GBA, Battery Pass supports its aim to spread battery passports globally and achieve globally consistent, high-quality sustainability data reporting.


CIRPASS is an EU-funded project aiming at preparing the ground for a gradual deployment of the Digital Product Passport,  with an initial focus on three value chains electronics, batteries, and textiles. 


Catena-X is the first collaborative, open data ecosystem for the automotive industry of the future, linking global players into end-to-end value chains - as simply, securely and independently as never before. The shared goal: a standardized global data exchange based on European values. The claim is data sovereignty. Participation is rewarded with above-average resilience, innovative strength and earnings opportunities. And Catena-X is open! Other industries and ecosystems can be integrated at any time.  

GS1 identification and labelling guidelines for batteries

GS1 proposes an open and interoperable concept of identifying batteries as well as materials and components along the supply chain. Identification of goods is the foundation to track and trace materials by a battery passport to attach further information enabling a sustainable and responsible circular economy.

Energy & Mines Digital Trust 

The transfer of ESG data from the real world into a trusted digital environment will be an essential enabler for the GBA Battery Passport. The Government of British Columbia has initiated the Energy & Mines Digital Trust (EMDT) project piloting the roles and processes leading to the exchange of trusted digital ESG certificates between a consortium of economic operators, government authorities, industry certifiers, and interoperable technology providers.


MOBI batteryTRAK

Standards-Based Battery Passport for Interoperability, Extendability, and Cross-Border Compliance. MOBI is working with public and private ecosystem stakeholders across the globe to create an implementation framework, reference architecture, and data schemas for a decentralized battery passport system that can be used to improve the visibility and sustainability of the battery supply chain.


GBA Solo Mark

The GBA brings together leading organizations along the entire battery value chain.

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