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About the Global Battery Alliance and the Battery Passport

In 2019 the Global Battery Alliance (GBA) published ‘A vision for a sustainable battery value chain 2030’ outlining the need to rapidly scale sustainable, responsible and circular battery value chains as a major driver to meet the Paris Agreement targets. The 2023 update to this report, ‘Battery 2030: Resilient, sustainable and circular’ in collaboration with McKinsey, highlights staggering growth forecasts, projecting that the entire lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery chain, from mining through recycling, could grow by over 30 percent annually from 2022 to 2030, when it would reach a value of more than $400 billion and a market size of 4.7 TWh. To manage the environmental, social, and governance impacts of the rapidly growing industry, transparency, collective multistakeholder engagement, and action are vital. With that in mind, the GBA conceptualized the Battery Passport as a framework to increase transparency and accountability across the battery value chain. The battery passport is a digital product passport that conveys information about all applicable sustainability and lifecycle requirements based on a comprehensive definition of a sustainable battery. It aims to bring new levels of transparency to the global battery value chain by collecting, exchanging, collating, and reporting trusted data among all lifecycle stakeholders on the material provenance, the battery’s chemical make-up and manufacturing history, and its sustainability performance. Its ultimate goal is to provide end-users with an ESG score based on the battery’s sustainability performance, according to reporting rules agreed by stakeholders from industry, academia, non-governmental organizations and government.

To demonstrate the practical feasibility of the battery passport, the GBA mobilized members in 2022, covering the entire value chain from mine to vehicle manufacturer, to jointly establish a proof of concept. In addition to reporting the technical parameters of the battery, this included the tracking and tracing of materials flows for select value chains, integrated with consistent reporting against the GBA’s Greenhouse Gas rulebook to establish the battery carbon footprint and the Child Labour and Human Rights Indices to establish an indicative, differentiated sustainability performance score. In the course of 2024, the GBA will be working with its members on a second wave of pilots to establish a minimal viable product before the end of the year.

To successfully deliver on the GBA's mission, the Secretariat is seeking to recruit a full-time Head of Battery Passport Programme to lead on strategy, programme management, partnerships, and delivery. This is a key role in the GBA Secretariat team and a unique opportunity to have a lasting impact on the future of the battery industry and the wider ecosystem. 

The position reports to the GBA Executive Director with technical oversight provided by the Battery Passport Steering Committee.   


Home-based, remote. A valid work permit in the preferred country of residence is required. A preference for a CET-compatible time zone is preferred. Regular international travel is required.

Key Responsibilities - Programme Management

In coordination with GBA Executive Director and the Battery Passport Steering Committee, lead the development and implementation of the Battery Passport programme, including strategy development, planning, management of the programme budget, and delivery of the following components:

  1. Vision:
    • Refine, validate, and socialize Battery Passport vision and theory of change to adequately articulate how the Battery Passport contributes to the achievement of the GBA vision of sustainable, responsible, and circular battery value chains and creates value for GBA members, partners, and external stakeholders
    • Articulate GBA Battery Passport value proposition and ‘product to market strategy’ for GBA members and external stakeholders.
  2. Content:
    • Lead the further development, finalization and periodic updates of the Battery Passport indicator framework and sustainability performance expectations across the battery value chain and at the product level. Oversight and quality assurance of the content development, facilitation, and member engagement in working groups by battery passport programme manager(s)
    • Ensure the battery passport indicator framework puts into practice the GBA theory of change of continuous improvement across the value chain by:
      • effectively mainstreaming regulatory requirements (EU and global) to ensure coverage of the compliance baseline, which will help facilitate maximum uptake of BP reporting (level 1)
      • effectively integrating and interacting with relevant voluntary and industry standards (level 2)
      • elaborating best practices to meet the GBA vision and level of ambition to scale sustainable battery value chains by 2030 (level 3)
    • Oversee structuring, modus operandi, facilitation, and performance of required working and advisory groups to provide input and validation of the GBA BP indicator framework to ensure maximum transparency, inclusion, and effectiveness of GBA Battery Passport working groups. This includes technical working and focus groups on the indicator framework as well as cross-cutting working groups on data assurance, the ESG score, and others
    • Identify and engage necessary experts across the stakeholder landscape (internal and external) to facilitate and provide input into working groups and governance functions, meeting and maintaining high-quality standards.
  3. Systems:
    • Evolve the Battery Passport roadmap to enable the effective interplay of the GBA with IT solution providers, data exchange platforms, businesses and verifiers
    • Develop battery passport implementation functions to enable the GBA to effectively benchmark battery passport data, including optimal organizational set-up and/or strategic partnerships as applicable
    • Develop data governance and data assurance guidelines for the Battery Passport, facilitating progressive transparency and the ability to aggregate and benchmark battery passport data, contributing to the role of the GBA as a trusted actor in the ecosystem
    • Oversee the development, implementation and external recognition of the GBA ESG score/ quality seal to enable the broadest possible uptake and recognition.
  4. Stakeholders and communication:
    • Evolve and oversee the implementation of the GBA BP engagement strategy with internal and external stakeholders, including IT battery passport solution providers, regulators, standard setters, and others.
    • Oversee the development of the communications strategy for the battery passport to maximize the visibility of GBA BP goals and objectives within and outside of GBA membership and develop and maintain a suite of up-to-date outreach products across various media and formats
    • Map, identify, and manage relationships with major strategic partners essential for the success of the GBA Battery Passport.     
  5. Impact:
    • Develop Battery Passport impact framework and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and assess the GBA’s progress against the original vision and theory of change
    • Follow key policy making and regulatory processes in priority jurisdictions relevant to the introduction of battery traceability, battery passports and battery rating schemes and determine GBA engagement strategy in relevant processes (i.e. EU and global)
    • Oversee the development and implementation of the BP advocacy strategy to enable maximum recognition and uptake by regulators in priority jurisdictions
    • In close coordination with the piloting lead, oversee the coordination of GBA Battery Passport piloting exercises.

Skills and Experience

  • This position requires a self-motivated team player with exceptional initiative and drive to independently identify and proactively address immediate priorities and long-term strategic objectives. The GBA is looking for a candidate who thrives in a collaborative, start-up-like remote work environment, working across different cultures, time zones, and communication styles. The GBA membership is global and exceptionally diverse and GBA staff distinguish themselves by being active and respectful listeners and solution-oriented consensus builders.
  • The ideal candidate should bring a minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience, demonstrating progressive growth and proven complex programme management experience
  • Advanced degree in relevant field and in-depth technical expertise in (a combination of) the following fields:
    • Digital product passports / battery passports concepts and frameworks
    • Due diligence, responsible sourcing standards, sustainability reporting and indicators
    • Proven track record in complex project management
    • EV battery value chains and key risks and impacts
    • Benchmarking, rating and certification of sustainability performance data
    • Data governance, management, assurance and verification
    • Familiarity with material and tracking and traceability tools and technologies
    • Familiarity with data exchange networks
    • Fundraising and grant management
  • Excellent written and in-person presentation skills, maintaining the highest degree of professionalism with internal and external stakeholders at all times
  • Proven experience working in public-private partnerships and/or multi-stakeholder settings essential
  • Proven facilitation skills and track record of building consensus amongst diverse groups of stakeholders

Additional information

The GBA is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. We strongly encourage applicants from varied backgrounds to apply. At the GBA, we aspire to be an employer of choice where all mix/range of talented individuals contribute to the team and do their best work.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter including salary expectations, CV, and starting date availability to secretariat@GlobalBattery.org with “GBA Head of Battery Passport Programme - Private” in the subject line. References will be required for final candidates. Interviews will start on a rolling basis as qualified candidates are identified.

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