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About Global Battery Alliance

The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) is a public-private collaboration platform founded in 2017 at the World Economic Forum to help establish a sustainable battery value chain by 2030. 

The GBA brings together leading international organizations, NGOs, industry actors, academics, and multiple governments to align collectively in a pre-competitive approach to drive systemic change along the entire value chain. Incubated by the World Economic Forum in 2017 until its independence in 2021, members of the Alliance collaborate to achieve the goals set out in the GBA 2030 Vision and agree to the Ten GBA Guiding Principles. The GBA’s multi-stakeholder governance structure aims to ensure inclusivity in decision-making and strategic focus. Action Partnerships provide a collaborative platform for members to pool their expertise to achieve the shared goals of circularity, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

Project Overview

Global Battery Alliance will organize its annual general meeting in Shanghai, China, with an affiliated site visit to Ningde, which requires the expertise of an experienced event manager to oversee various aspects of the event planning and execution. The event manager will be responsible for location scouting, negotiation for pricing, catering options, securing the best rates at hotels, arranging shuttle support, managing visa and logistic requirements, and providing ongoing support throughout the planning process. Additionally, the event manager will ensure that the venue has adequate AV support and multiple breakout rooms to accommodate our needs.

Preference home base: Shanghai.


  1. Location Scouting:
    • Conduct thorough research to identify suitable event venues in China.
    • Visit potential locations to assess suitability for the event and related receptions.
    • Consider factors such as capacity, amenities, accessibility, and ambiance.
  2. Negotiation and Pricing:
    • Negotiate favorable terms and pricing with selected venues and vendors.
    • Ensure that all contracts and agreements are clear and comprehensive.
  3. Catering Options:
    • Coordinate with catering vendors to provide diverse and high-quality catering options for the event.
    • Accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences of attendees.
  4. Hotel Accommodations:
    • Secure discounted rates and hotel room blocks for event attendees and staff.
    • Coordinate transportation logistics between hotels and the event venue.
  5. Shuttle Support:
    • Arrange shuttle services to transport attendees between designated locations, such as airports, hotels, and the event venue.
  6. Visa and Logistic Requirements:
    • Provide guidance and support to attendees regarding visa applications and travel logistics.
    • Ensure compliance with local regulations and requirements.
  7. Language Proficiency and Communication:
    • Fluent in English to communicate effectively with international attendees and vendors.
    • Demonstrate proactive and responsive communication throughout the planning process.
    • On-site Language Support (ad-hoc interpretation or translation support during the event).
  8. Interpretation Services Coordination:
    • Liaise with language service providers to ensure the availability of professional interpreters proficient in the required languages and subject matter expertise.
  9. Protocol Research, Guidance and Coordination:
    • Conduct research on protocol expectations and cultural norms relevant to the event, especially if high-profile or public speakers are participating.
    • Provide guidance to speakers and participants on expected protocols for greetings, addressing dignitaries, and other formalities.
  10. AV Support and Breakout Rooms:
    • Ensure that the event venue has adequate AV support for presentations, performances, and other audiovisual requirements.
    • Arrange multiple breakout rooms for concurrent sessions and workshops during the event.


The event manager will work closely with the Administrative Coordinator to ensure that all tasks are completed within the designated timeline. The planning phase is expected to commence immediately, and the event is scheduled for November 5-7, 2024.

Level of effort:

The proposed contract spans from the present date to the end of the year (2024), with an estimated average commitment of one day per week. However, it is essential to note that the event manager must maintain full availability during the 1-2 weeks leading up to and throughout the duration of the event. This period may require additional time and flexibility to manage last-minute logistical adjustments, finalize arrangements with vendors and speakers, oversee onsite operations, and address any unforeseen challenges effectively. The event manager's availability during these critical phases is paramount to ensuring the successful planning, execution, and seamless coordination of the event.


  • Comprehensive event plan outlining all logistics and requirements.
  • Signed contracts and agreements with venues and vendors.
  • Finalized catering menu and arrangements.
  • Confirmed hotel accommodations and transportation logistics.
  • Visa support and guidance for attendees.
  • Seamless event execution with proactive on-site support.
  • Preparation of an arrival / welcome guide containing information on local logistics and orientation.


The budget for this project will be discussed and finalized in collaboration with the Executive Director, taking into account all necessary expenses related to venue rental, catering, transportation, accommodations, and other logistical requirements.

How to apply:

We are seeking a highly skilled and dedicated event manager who can ensure the success of our event in China. If you are interested in this opportunity, please provide your proposal outlining your qualifications,  your requested daily rate/fee, relevant experience, and approach to managing this project and send it by email to secretariat@globalbattery.org with the subject ‘Event Manager - Shanghai’

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or clarifications regarding the scope of work.

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